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Bespoke model pieces as well as ready to wear hats are handmade with a variety of millinery materials from fabrics to sinamay to straws to felts or leather– all chosen according to the season and event.  Great care is taken to create a piece which fits the personality and occasion while reflecting my own sense of aesthetic and following current fashion trends. Specialising in bespoke hats and headpieces, all designs are made to our customers specifications. We have a wide range of fabrics, straws, custom colouring and feather options which leads to each piece being truly unique. We offer a custom colouring service to match any outfit, fittings  allow for perfect sizing and changes being made, thus giving our customers the end result they want.

Advice is offered on colour matching, how to perfectly accessorise your outfit to the tones and colours that would best suit. We will also help  select the right style of hat for your face and body shape.

We also offer re-styling and repair services where appropriate and possible. Have you got a hat that doesn’t quite match the outfit you will be wearing for the next event? Maybe it could be re-styled by changing the colour of the trimmings?

Monika came to millinery in late 2006. After being an autodidact for a number of years she now travels overseas twice a year for ongoing education with Master Milliners such as Waltraud Reiner of Melbourne. Long standing traditional methods and techniques combined with traditional as well as modern materials allow for ever evolving styles and designs. She strives to keep the integrity of the trade and the craft alive.

Monika Neuhauser Millinery – or MNM for short – has been part of many “Fashion in the Fields” winning outfits on racecourses around New Zealand and abroad.

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Customer feedback

“Monika made my hat for Melbourne cup. Plus she made about 10 others in our group. We were told by many people on cup day that our group were the best dressed in our marquee. All because of Monika really. She is not only a wonderful person she has fantastic style which finished our outfits off with her superb hat choice. We also all felt like we gained a friend as well. I would certainly recommend Monika for any special occasion you may have and can’t wait until I need another hat made.”
Carolyn Christian

Fashion is so subjective and personal. Next time you see a hat and think to yourself…”Oh my, that hat is divine, and matched so beautifully with the outfit!”… chances are it is a Monika creation. Outstanding service and creativity, coupled with excellent value you will be back for more. Everyone should have a Milliner like Monika.”
Netta Burnside

“Thank you Monika for the beautiful bespoke headpiece, the process was a pleasure to be a part of and the end result more amazing than I had hoped”.
Claire Hahn

“Thanks Monika for your wonderful creation of a hat for my sons wedding. It was well worth the travel to get something that you are very happy with.”
Elizabeth Govorko-Clark

….” that’s because you treat your clients so beautifully and work and think hard for them, individualising their designs and colours. thanks Monika. .                                                             Paula Smith

“Finally a proud owner of a beautiful Hatinator from the one and only Monika Neuhauser. I went and saw her all the way at Pirongia !
Had the pleasure of seeing her work studio and some beautiful pieces she has on display. Totally in love and I have been so inspired to try and design.
Thank you Monika, you were amazing and so helpful and love your approachable personality.”         Shadi Salehpour



Our studio is situated in the picturesque village of Pirongia and consists of a millinery workroom, a showroom and an attached woodworking room.

The attached woodworking facility is an invaluable contribution to the millinery workshop. 80% of all hat block used to make our hats and headpieces come from his workroom. Hat blocks are essential tools in millinery – without them the choice of styles would be very limited. Having the hat block workshop on site allows for many shape and sizes to be made up as required – when required!

Hat blocks are not only tools of the trade, they are in most cases beautiful objects in their own right!


Monika is originally from Austria and lives with her husband ,  2 dogs and 4 cats about 30 min south of Hamilton, New Zealand. Surrounded by a lovely garden, the studio is one of her favourite places to be.

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